Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gosh ~
I think i had a fever ! !
High fever !
Recently im so crazy about him
Those ppl in my office will always like <-.-" AGAIN! >
haha ~
I dono what happened to me ~
I start to love him soo much since i watched some of his interviews ~ lol
I can even listen to his songs from 9am to 6pm *proud of myself* :P
he's so adorable ! :P

His movie NEVER SAY NEVER is coming soon to Malaysia 14th April ! ! ~ *wee*
Actually this movie released on 11th Feb but not yet in Malaysia :(
Argh ! ! can't wait to watch this movie ! !

Thing makes me even crazy is ~ HE'S HAVING HIS CONCERT IN KL on 21st April T.T
but the tickets are all SOLD OUT (s'pore and KL) :(
Nvm Sherly ! now you can go for his movie ! ! hohohoho :D

Time to sleep now , Goodnight guys ! Goodnight Justin !! Bahaha ! !

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BACK ! !

Hi peeepz ! !
How are u recently ? :)
Miss all my buddies so much T.T (so do u ?):P
Hope to c u all soon ~

My friends always says tat i never update my blog ~
Alright !~
NOW IM BACK to update my blog :)
or else 'SOMEONE' will keep mumbling :P

Ppl always say im workaholic ~
Well ~ im not ^^
Im jus finding something to do ~ instead of growing mushrooms at home :)
So now, most of my days are fully booked !! *wee*
Too bad, I couldn't always hang out at night :(
Of course, weekend are reserved for my own entertainment (hang out with friends) ! ! BUT ..
Some of them are not in Penang :(
Seriously miss them a lot ! ! *sobx* T.T

Anyway ~ i still won't keep myself at home :D
There will be a Tzu Chi performance in Ipoh ~ <1st of May>
So these day, im busying with that too ! ! *evil smile*
I'll be going to Ipoh almost every sunday to teach, WOOHOO !
SECRET - I'd experienced my 1st HIGHWAY drive using my friend's car *shhh*
Maybe its quite normal 4 u ~ but its not for me bcuz that's my 1st time ~ teehee

for today,
as the same ~ go to work at 9am
something different is ..
We had PIZZA HUT for lunch this afternoon *yummy*
But we end up with - TOO MUCH :D
after work, had my dinner at home with my favorite S'PORE FISH BALL ! !
p/s - my mum just came back from s'pore this afternoon :)
U will never know how delicious is the fish ball if u never try it b4 !!!
the fish ball was like *doink doink* haha ! BEST EVER
then i start to work again ~ (teach piano @ home) *duhh*

And now im here to update my blog n ..
Gotta sleep soon ~
hv to work tmr ~ *issh*

SO, tat all 4 today ~
CIAO ~ :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My 2010 Christmas

Hi all , sorry tat I did not update my blog recently ... =)
seriously, there are lots of things happened within this few months ...

Now is 26th Dec 12:34am. I'm in PRECIOUS COURT my brother's house. I'm here is because my parents hv been to s'pore.
Ytd was Christmas. My friends SAmantha, Wei Hong n AJ were here on 24th 4 celebrating the christmas. N they went back on 25th. Had a great time with them. Hope to see them soon.

These days should be happy, but I'm totally not.

Today I'm here ,is to VOMIT out my sadness ...

I failed my piano teaching diploma exam !!!
I have nothing to explain. My result shows tat I'm not well prepared for the exam. It's very very very important to me, because if I fail this exam, I know many ppl will feel disappointed .. My parents, family members, piano teacher, friends N XLS !! I really feel ashamed !!!!! :'( . 4 now, I have to retake .. Btw, I really dun wan to stay in PENANG anymore. I really dono how to face all of them. I'm trying to find a job in s'pore. And of course, I will retake my exam there. HOPE SO ~ :(

Really sorry 4 the disappointment !! :'(

Friday, March 26, 2010


hmm .. it was the 1st try .. how was it ?? kekex
NG a lot of time .. haha ..
hope they enjoy it ^^


introducing themselves ^^ haha

hmm .. today i bring my laptop to teach ..
the kids was so excited with the video takin ..
the reason i take video is to let them know wat r they hv done ..
it really works .. haha
erm ..

today is the last class 4 british council (2nd term)
of course will forward to the next term as well ..
i really leant somethin there ..
hope i can improve my english ^^

we took some pictures ..
but i never get it yet =(
hope the camera man will send me asap ^_^

back to my students ^^
There will be a small concert ..
n its 4 morther's day ^^
my lovely student will be performing ..
that will be their 1st time on stage ..
wow .. i think it is a good start ..
*(their age are between 4 to 6 ) cute ^.^

tatz all 4 today ^^


ciao ~

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Im back ^^

Hi .. blogspot ^^ im back
hmm ..
nearly im busy to work ..
actually i dun hv many students ..
is juz i still couldn't arrange my time properly

nearlly i keep traveling here n there ..
aixz .. consider happy la ..
so i felt so sorry to my dear students ..
bcuz i always hv to cancel class >.<
so sorry

besides tat .. nearlly feel tat my friends becomes less ..
erm .. mayb i stopped studyin .. tatz y T.T
some of my friend need to study .. so we seldom hang out
hmm .. actually im thinkin to study my music in a proper school ..
lookin forward with it ^^

MONEY needed !! work work work !!!
gonna travel again ^^v
thursday to sunday
kl .. johor n S'pore
woo whoo !!!
* ( so sorry to all my student AGAIN ^-^ )

Sunday, September 6, 2009


My favourite colour lens

this morning ..
i went to british counsel to take a placement test ..
n i'll start to study english next month ..
hope my english will improve la ..
kekex ..

after lunch ..
back home ..
practice piano ..
then straightly go student's house teach piano ..
huhu ~
they are so cute ^^

at night ..
i went to e-gate ..
with aunt n cousin ..

we hv sushi king there ..

tatz all 4 today ..

today .. i saw some1 which i dun hope to c ..

i think tat ppl didnt c me ..

lucklly ..

i dun wan let tat ppl c too ..

fine ..
hope TAT ppl enjoy life la ..
non of my business also ..
kekex ..

Yeoh Tze Yee ^^ a telented girl in piano
( playing skooter with her pig ^-^ )

my auntie's doggie ^^

super naughty